Epoch Length: 28,800 Seconds (8 Hours)
    Advance() incentive: 100 VSD
    LP Lockup: 15 Epochs

Expansion and Contraction


    Price source: Uniswap USDC/VSD, DAI/VSD, USDT/VSD
    Oracle Minimum: 10,000 VSD
    Method: Uniswap V2 Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP)


    Initial LP pools: Uniswap USDC/VSD, DAI/VSD, USDT/VSD
    Pools plan to add: Uniswap ETH/VSD, WBTC/VSD


    Expansion price threshold: $1.05
    Expansion target sell price: $1.05
    Contraction price threshold: $0.95
    Contraction target buy price: $0.95

Collateral Subsystem

    Target collateral ratio: 90%
    Initial collateral assets: USDC/DAI/ETH
    Assets plan to add: WBTC
    Redemption fee (if no debt): 5%

Coupon Subsystem

    Default expiration: 15 epochs
    Max debt ratio: 15%
    Max coupon premium: 38%
    1(1βˆ’R)2βˆ’1\frac{1}{(1 - R)^2} - 1

Governance Subsystem

    Voting length: 9 epochs
    Proposal expiry: 3 epochs
    Proposal threshold: 0.5% of total supply of VSD
    Voting quorum: 20% of total supply of VSD
    Super majority: 66% of total supply of VSD
    Emergency delay: 6 epochs

Collateral Redemption Fee

    5% Fee (70% Core Team, 30% Community Fund)

Expansion Fee

    LP DAO: 85%
    Dev. fund: 10.5%
    Community Fund: 4.5%


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